Tasha Smith

Interview By Brandon Jackson|October 7, 2011

Tasha Smith www.illholiday.com



Tasha Smith is undoubtedly one of the most influential African-American actors of the last decade. With a career that has spanned over 20 years, she has continued to remain humble of her success on the big screen. Smith is well known for her portrayal of “Angela” in the Tyler Perry Films Why Did I Get Married. Smith was once asked if she is anything like her character in the films and she stated, “The only similarities between us are we’re both loud.” Smith’s vocal personality has not only served as a way to portray various characters, but it has also served as a venue to tell her amazing story. Tasha Smith will be in Indianapolis on September 28th to speak at Eastern Star Church for the Circle City Classic Prayer & Praise Service. Last week, Illholiday.com spoke with Tasha Smith about her career, her passion for serving Christ, and her desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

BJ: To what do you attribute your success as an actor and your confidence as a woman?

TS: God is the first reason for the success I’ve had in life. He has been the author of everything that I’ve done and accomplished. It’s been hard work getting to where I am today. I think people need to realize that in order to be successful in whatever you do you have to work hard for it. I know that throughout my life I’ve learned to respect myself and I think it’s so important for people to do the same .

BJ: Tasha, Can you talk about how God came in your life when you were 25? And what was it like making that transformation to who he wanted you to be?Tasha Smith www.illholiday.com

TS: During that time in my life I learned who God was. As I started to grow I realized that walking with God was not always easy. I learned during that transformation period in my life that I had to get into his word. I had to fellowship with other believers. I also had to learn how to allow God to be my best friend.

BJ: So many women have identified with your testimony. What has that done for you as a person?
TS: It has allowed me to not forget what God has brought me out of. I’ve learned how to count my victories and it’s very important that people do that. Looking back at my victories has given me hope to remain strong.

Tasha Smith Jill Scott www.illholiday.comBJ: Tasha, I know that you do your own acting workshops. Some of your students have said that you have them go to their most inner parts of themselves emotionally and spiritually in order to become good actors. Why is that so important?

TS: I feel like as actors we can only utilize what we have access to. So a lot of times, people come to my workshops and say they have never been angry, sad, or happy. You have to be real about what you do as an actor. You can’t feel bad about going into yourself. A lot of times a lot of actors come in with repressed emotions. The Bible talks about confessing yourself before the Lord, when you allow yourself to have freedom. That same attitude towards acting will allow you to be creative. Your freedom, your hurt, and your pain, will allow you to utilize your gifts as an actor.
Tasha Smith and Janet Jackson www.illholiday.com
BJ: How have you managed to maintain who you are as a Christian, a woman, and Role Model in the entertainment Industry?

TS: You know what’s interesting is that I get that question a lot. A lot of people think Hollywood is very evil because of certain movies, but there are some good people who live here. There are good people who work hard at what they do. As for me, I am who I am. My atmosphere does not change who I am as a person.

BJ: What’s next for Tasha Smith?

TS: My husband and I have started a fragrance called “Us.” I am very excited about launching it! The fragrance is for both men and women. I will be bringing some of my product to Indianapolis when I speak. I’ll be signing pictures after the service so I look forward to seeing everyone there.





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