Giving An Amazing Praise


Praise & Worship can do wonders for the spirit! I had a chance to speak with Byron Cage who shared his thoughts on his passion for music and how he has remained true to his roots.

1.      You were blessed to begin your music career in the city of Detroit and then transitioning to New Birth Cathedral when you began college. How have some of the experiences molded you to be the artist and musician you are today?


      BC: I actually started in Grand Rapids Michigan. I went to the same church as the Debarge family. I remember singing in the same choir where Fred Hammond was first a bass player, and I also was influenced by Donald Bell who was Minister of Music at my church. When I got a little older I had the pleasure of working with Thomas Whitfield who taught me a lot as an artist. I went to Morehouse College when I was 23 on a scholarship, and I had the chance of becoming the Minister of Music at New Birth Cathedral.  I even remember being in Tyler Perry’s first play in Atlanta when he first started out. I’ve been doing this for over 16 years, and I am very grateful for all the opportunities that I’ve had.

      You’re considered to be the pioneer of praise and worship music! What do you contribute to being the driving force that allowed you to bring this style of music out to the forefront?

BC: Praise and worship used to be called testimony service. Saints and praise started that. I learned my style from Minister Thomas Whittfield. So I owe it all to the early saints for this style of music we call praise and worship. I really enjoy the feeling that is in the atmosphere during praise and worship.  I really owe everything to what I learned growing up. But as I reflect on the song that I did that really brought praise and worship out front it was called “Shabach.”

          Why do you feel praise in worship is such a critical part of being at church and what do you think it does for the believer as a whole?

BC: I think it’s important for believers to make worship their lifestyle. I had to make it a part of my lifestyle. 

         Your last album, Faithful to Believe was recorded in Detroit with a handful of great artists. Why did you go home to record that album, and what are you going to try different with your next album?

BC: The recession was very hard in Detroit. I went back, and I wanted to bring some things back to the people.

How do you remain grounded as a gospel artist when the world celebrates secular music more than gospel? How do you not lose focus?

BC: When you’re called to do something, I learned how to be thankful and just keep walking. I’ve done all the award shows and things related, I just try to make sure that I don’t get caught up in all the hype.


About nuamazinglife

Brandon Jackson is a writer, public speaker, relationship coach, and educator from Indianapolis, Indiana. After graduating from North Central High School in Indianapolis, Brandon attended Morris Brown College in Atlanta. He then transferred to Vincennes University where he received his Associates Degree in General Studies. In 2002 he graduated from Indiana State University with a degree in Radio &TV/Film. Brandon also attended Christian Theological Seminary where he studied for his Master’s in Marriage Family Counseling. Brandon believes that success in life begins when you know how to love yourself first and when you can love others regardless of their flaws. Brandon has spoken at various churches, colleges and universities throughout the Midwest. Brandon also recently was a part of a panel at the 2011 Women’s Expo that featured actor Larenz Tate & Pastor Anthony Jackson. Brandon realizes that everything he has is because of God and he doesn’t take for granted the blessings that are in his life. Brandon’s goal as a speaker is to carry his message of how singles can find happiness and how marriage can be a goal for couples who desire it. Brandon has a DVD out entitled “Success in Your Relationship: a look at being single, dating, and marriage” and is currently working on a book entitled “From a Man’s Heart: Becoming the Man Your Woman Desires.”
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