A Season of Creating a Love That Last


The holiday season can be a tough time for some men. We have to walk through the mall with our spouse for longs hours. We sit and wait while they’re trying on clothes. Although this can be a difficult moment for men during the holiday season, it can easily be a time where men can truly show how much they love their spouse. Help her to make a list of the places she wants to go. This will allow the both of you to have an idea of how your time will be spent. Decide on a special place to eat after all the shopping is done. Having something to look forward to once all the shopping is done is a sure way to spice up the evening. Lastly, men should be ready to give their wives a surprise foot massage when they’re trying on shoes. This just might be a way for the evening to be cut short, so you two can have some “fellowship time” as you make your way home.

One of the best things to do with your spouse is to act like kids at least one time during the holiday season. Get a sled and go to the park together to enjoy the snow. This creates oneness, releases stress, and allows couples to try something different during Christmas. Please remember to take the kids first before you steal their sled for the day. Go ahead and make a “snow angel” or two when you’re out for the evening.

There is nothing better than to serve with your spouse at a shelter, shovel snow for the elderly, or take gifts to those in need. One of the finest memories of me and my wife was when we were on our first date together. We both served food for those in need during a Christmas event.  She later told me that date really made her like me even more.

Shopping for a Christmas tree together can be a wonderful experience. Pick a Saturday morning to have breakfast together and to buy a tree. There is nothing more fun than decorating the tree that night while playing Christmas music.


About nuamazinglife

Brandon Jackson is a writer, public speaker, relationship coach, and educator from Indianapolis, Indiana. After graduating from North Central High School in Indianapolis, Brandon attended Morris Brown College in Atlanta. He then transferred to Vincennes University where he received his Associates Degree in General Studies. In 2002 he graduated from Indiana State University with a degree in Radio &TV/Film. Brandon also attended Christian Theological Seminary where he studied for his Master’s in Marriage Family Counseling. Brandon believes that success in life begins when you know how to love yourself first and when you can love others regardless of their flaws. Brandon has spoken at various churches, colleges and universities throughout the Midwest. Brandon also recently was a part of a panel at the 2011 Women’s Expo that featured actor Larenz Tate & Pastor Anthony Jackson. Brandon realizes that everything he has is because of God and he doesn’t take for granted the blessings that are in his life. Brandon’s goal as a speaker is to carry his message of how singles can find happiness and how marriage can be a goal for couples who desire it. Brandon has a DVD out entitled “Success in Your Relationship: a look at being single, dating, and marriage” and is currently working on a book entitled “From a Man’s Heart: Becoming the Man Your Woman Desires.”
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